When reviewing the market nearly all performances, exercise routines, or lessons are given by persons between 20 and 35 years of age. The age where people should be healthy, flexible, high in condition, and in good physic. But most lack the experience of aging, injuries, hardship, stress, or other matters that come overtime and leave scares and mental or physical problems behind.

If you wish more information on aging and the results in a more scientific way please visit the site; http://www.agecontrol.nl/

How the aging proces involves you

Considering this I wanted to show the world that as a 60+ person it is still possible to train, improve and stay healthy in a way most 30+ hardly do. With this site, I want to prove that what I can do, you can do also. It is possible with stamina, a healthy mindset and good effort you can reach what I do and maybe more.

Yotha is created with the mindset of experience in a physical and mental way. It is based on effort for effort. We push the body as far as it can go with a healthy conscious mind. Do not cross borders but never accept them as being defined. Age is not just a number but a fact with we must live and work.

Lady beauty to reality

With Yotha I challenge age, gender, and ability to perform, live life and become that happy, mobile, and mentally strong person you always wanted to be. No matter who you were before.

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Energy, the 4 rulers of life. How life realy exist?

Massage and spirituality