University Delft (before TH Delft)                                              1981 – 1983

Eurasia CV, entrepreneur, consultant, interim manager       1983 – now

ZUST University Hangzhou / China visiting Professor 2016 – 2020

Official statement of University for being a Professor

Independent entrepreneurship & work

Owner discotheque Concrete Jungle –                                   1979 – 1982

Chairman Ranava Gym – multisport gym                                1981 – 1985

Organizer Fightsport events (Martial Arts & Kick Boxing)      1983 – 1991

Owner of Sport retail / wholesale specialist Bangkok          1984 – today

Chairman Martial Arts Academie –                                            1987 – 1991

At the passing away of my mother in law. Family picture. My son as monk.

Director Survop , Outdoor Survival trainings center –            1988- 1990

Initiator paintball  “War Games”  with Special Forces              1989

Founder Age Control website & research                                 1998 – today

President Eurasia Taiwan –                                                         2001 – 2011

Taiwan 2020

Director Kick2bFit –                                                                        2002 – 2012

Director wholesale & project organization Force One             2005 – 2010

President Force One Hong Kong –                                            2005 – 2015

Director Force One Foundation –                                                2007 – now

Director DWC , Dynamic Weight Control & Dumblex ,            2007 – 2012

DVD of Bagworkout in 2002

Director MT-Dynamics & Boxing +                                               2006 – 2012

Founder of INCUMED, Institute for Mediation                      2013- 2018

Founder and partner of Asian Health Center                           2014- 2019

Director Force One Academy                                                      2016 – today

All activities are related to health improvement by application of sport, Martial Arts, mental training and discipline structures. The activities are multi-cultural and applicable in most cultures around the world. Focus is the gender “difference” application of activities and mental processes.

My work on the National Preventive Health situation 2009

Preventive Healthcare with application of physical activities and mental training

Borderline youngsters (re-socializing our youth program)    1979-2009

Anti-aggression and stress training                                            1984–1991

Re-socializing prisoners                                                                1987-1991

Organizing First Preventive Healthcare in general                  2005

Prevention and sport  (2e)                                                             2006

PT in Healthcare (3e)                                                                      2007

Dynamic Weight Control training program (still available)

Addiction treatment (special groups)                                          2007-2009

NIPED conference and certification (IT-PH solution)                 2008

Delegation Preventive Health to Taiwan                                   2008

Official National Convenant Preventive Healthcare (writer)      2009

Lectures on Prevention health application (Government)         2009

EFAA conference                                                                               2009

Vatican / Rome Italy with my daughter

Trainer of Physiotherapists in Netherlands and Germany          2010

Health to wealth for elderly                                                              2011

Founder Age Control website & research                                      1998 – today

TecTek initiator, electro stimulation project                                    2018

Free Lance work

Editor magazine Samurai                                                                  1977 – 1987

Addiction therapist / physical activity & sleepdisorders            1979 – 2020

Organizer sportevents                                                                       1983 – 2020

Editor for magazine Fighting Spirit                                                  1998 – 1999

Our International organization on Age Control

Sporttherapy instructor Parnassia addiction dept.                       2006 – 2018

Sporttherapy instructor Emiliehoeve clinic                                    2007 – 2018

Instructor HBV Houwaart / Wassenaarse Boksvereniging         2000 – 2018

Editor Haaglanden Business                                                             2007

Editor Body Bizz                                                                                   2008 – 2017

SCP (Social & Cultural Plan office Government)                             2009

Editor Sport & Fitness                                                                          2008 – 2016

One of the thousands of my articles in different magazines

Sport & Fitness columnist                                                                   2007 – 2016

As Trainer / Coach / Adviser I worked in many countries, for many gyms and athletes in different functions

Courses & Certificates

Marketing and Management                                                             1987

Certificate EFAA –                                                                                2007

Certificaat AED –                                                                                  2007

First aid                                                                                                   2009

CPION Medical Basic Diploma for Insurance coverage                2019

Demonstrations of Bag Workout on different events. and training days

TV work

RTL different broadcastings

Veronica broadcasting

TV West broadcasting

KRO TV travel program (Myanmar and Vietnam)

Taiwan team (1998 – 2010)

Radio work

RTV West – Vietnam


KRO (refugees from Vietnam)

China National Radio 30 April                                             2011

Cappuccino (several broadcasts)                                       2012

At the German book fair to promote my books


www.forceone.nl        www.arnaudvanderveere.nl   www.agecontrol.nl

Trained in the following discliplines

Judo 1964 –1972 – Sportschool Lens , Laan van Meerdervoort Den Haag (2e Dan)

Boxing 1968 – Boksschool Houwaart (Hoogeband), The Hague

Aikido –1972 – Culturele Aikido Bond – Peter Bacas – The Hague + Willem Wiersma

Karate –1971 – Sportschool Lens , The Hague (2de Dan / Shotokan)

Muay Thai – 1975 – Thailand o.a. Sing Bong Kai (onderdeel Lumpini stadium)

Master Wong / Sythothong Pattaya and many other camps & trainers

TaeKwondo – 1976 Max Velden (till 1986), Jong Soo Park, Jan Koster, (2de Dan)

Kendo – Peter Bink (5e Dan)

Different works on display

Arnaud van der Veere – Writer CV

Arnaud van der Veere is born in 1960 , The Hague , the Netherlands. His first writing is in the high school newspaper in which his stories covered the use of drugs, lifestyle, and sports. All items are popular amongst the youth of that time.

From 1975, his first sports travel to Thailand, till 1979 he wrote stories for the professional magazine called Samurai. This magazine is considered the foundation of Martial Arts information in the Netherlands. In 1987 he became the owner of the magazine.

In 1984 his first book was published called Kick Boxing ISBN 90-6120-589-1. Arnaud is considered an expert in Muay Thai and other ring sports which he practiced since age eight. The publisher was Elmar Sports in Delft.

Book Kick Boxing 1984

Ninjutsu  ISBN 9061208734, the art of the secret Ninja, became very popular during the ‘80’s and the chairman of the World Tea Kwondo Federation, mr. Rien Thoutenhooft ISBN 9789061205494 requested Arnaud to write a book about it. Arnaud went to Japan for research with a TV crew where a movie was made and later broadcasted in the Netherlands. During his stay, he searched the local libraries and other resources. The book was published 1987 and promoted by major newspapers as the Telegraaf.

Book Ninjutsu 1989

After his first visit to Vietnam in 1984 Arnaud was intrigued by the possibilities of development and tourism in the years to come. He became a consultant to the CBI – a Government-funded international institute for trade and tourism development in third-world countries – and wrote the first travel guide on Vietnam in 1989. ISBN 90338903014/cip / Reishandboek Vietnam.

Power and speed training was a new concept to the Martial Arts when Arnaud’s book introduced this in 1994 with the book Budokracht ISBN 9038901259 / CIP. The book did change the concept of integral training between fitness, weightlifting, and Martial Art work out.

Book Budo Power

With Peter Gutter, Arnaud did launch a strong book on Buddhism fundaments in 1987 in the book Between Junta and Nirvana. The book is used by the International Court of Justice as a reference in many cases related to border or other disputes in South East Asia. Arnaud did function as publisher while Peter wrote the book.

From printed media, Arnaud moved to motion pictures in 2000 with the instruction based DVD Bag Work out. This DVD is unique for its clear instructions for recreational working out on the boxing bag.

From DVD we made a move to a joint venture in instruction media with the CD-Rom combined DVD project HomeFitness 1 ISBN 9080875724. This product is a combined instruction, information and education software in Fitness and seen as one of the most comprehensive of its kind.

Travel guide in Vietnam one of the first in the world.

After his lecturing at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei / Taiwan 2009 Arnaud wrote the book Nationaal Convenant Preventieve Gezondheid ISBN 9789080924451. This book is a guideline to change health care from a curative view into a preventive one. The book clearly describes the process of change and the financial aspects of past, present, and future.

Sleepdisorders; In 2010 the first book in Chinese was published at one of the largest publishing houses in the world PMPH ISBN 9787117134484. The book describes all problems and treatments of sleep disorders in individual and group-based treatment.  The Chinese partner was Wang Zheng, PhD in Education of the Turku University in Finland.

Book Sleepdisorder in China PMPH

Muay Thai is published in English and German ISBN 978-1-84126-328-1 and 978-3-89899-747-8 and is currently under review of publications in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

Addiction was published in 2011 by PMPH , China under ISBN 978-7-117-14635-7. This book is a self-help treatment and information book about all legal forms of addiction. The book is targeting the Chinese market in all its concepts. The Chinese partner was Wang Zheng, PhD in Education of the Turku University in Finland.

Book Relationship in Chinese. How to get and maintain a good relationship.
Muay Thai is published in different languages and countries

Relationships is under publishing now in China at PMPH , ISBN 978-7-117-17655-2, will be out around February 2013. The book shows all ins and outs of relationships which targeting women as its main topic. The content is very diverse and practical from how to find a relationship, how to start it, and how to end it when necessary. The Chinese partner was Wang Zheng, Ph.D. in Education of the Turku University in Finland.

Muay Thai in Chinese

In 2016 the Chinese publication Dutch Style Muay Thai ISBN 978-7-5377-5228-2 was printed under the contract and wings of CPG (China Publishing Group)

Girl Power is a self-help and information medium which is modern and written to the target group. It is published as E-Book by the CPG as part of an online campaign for girl education.  Chinese partner was Ass-Professor of the Nanjing University Xuelin Han, MD.

Girl Power in Chineses

Body Language & Non-Verbal communication of Chinese is an open source book currently open on different University platforms such as the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Hebei University ( 河北大学), and other University.

Boy Power is the counter gender book to Girl Power. The book deals with the puberty period of the Chinese male which is considerably different from other Asians due to the one-child policy and the “boy first” family strategy.

At this moment the following titles are under review or at stock are ;

Parent Control, the guide for the Chinese parent with a child in puberty period

 “Happy Single” a textbook for single women in China as part of their acceptance of a new lifestyle and transformation of a changing world. The book is written to inform women and create opportunities for new relationships in their life.

Book published in China

Real Self-defense. This book is written to create self-awareness for the defense of personal and close relatives. The goal of the book is to add advice to practical self-defense in every circumstance.

Age control is published with the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology and currently partially found at www.agecontrol.nl website. It is a comprehensive study of the aging process.

Resocialize & reprogram our youth (1999) – This contains special programs for complex youth issues such as addiction, obesities, ADHD, and other problems with youth. The booklet is written to promote and inform officials of Governments and large scale organizations of the possibilities of BOT projects in their country.

Book Addiction in Chinese

Fight therapy – A booklet based on the combination of cognitive development of using martial arts as part of a treatment program for depression, addiction, or autism. The program is also used with problem groups which are often considered untreatable. The booklet explains the terms of how to use the therapy and.

Kick2beFit – A fitness-related program developed for a non-aggressive use of martial arts techniques against a standing or hanging boxing bag. The booklet is developed for professionals to teach them how to use the program in a fitness-related way to improve the skills of students.

Bag Workout – The first of its kind in the world training DVD with instructions on how to train on a boxing bag. The DVD is filled with short movies of how to train on a boxing bag in a multi-disciplinary way. We show the training of children and adults. Instructions are given in boxing, kicking, and all other forms of enjoying work-outs on hanging or standing boxing bag.

Poetry published in Indonesia

Poetry e-motion –Arnaud van der Veere is a gifted poet. This is his first album with around 60 poems in the English language. It was distributed amongst a large group of artists around the world in 1995 and since then many of his poems are cited around the internet.

FIMTT training manual – The official training instruction manual for the Federation of Independent Muay Thai Trainers. This book is written to promote the Muay Thai sport and is used by internationally recognized organizations to teach future instructors for many years.

Relationship published in Indonesia

DWC Dynamic weight control – Dynamic Weight Control was developed as an alternative way of training with free weights. The book is an instruction manual with attached movies and describes over 40 different moves with muscular explanations and information on related sports applications.

Functional Fitness – This small booklet explains the use of fitness in its most useful forms. Functional fitness is related to the practical daily situations in work and life. The program is so-called adaption related which refers to the use of training methods of own body weight and overload principles. At functional fitness, we use not only standard fitness gear but also daily instruments as boxes, chairs, cupboards, poles, and all available at a specific working area.

Practical Buddhism (China) – Buddhism has many followers. Most hardly know the original scriptures but follow some rites that have been thought of by others. This book is written to promote the use of Buddhism in daily life from the experience of the writer. It is a very practical and useful book.

Doing my Aikido training under Sensei Willem Wiersma (Scheveningen , Netherlands)

In February 2020 Arnaud  & Kathy (TW) did start with Podcasting which is available on nearly all major websites such as Google, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, JUKE, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Pandora, TuneIn + Alexa , Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Deezer, Overcast, RadioPublic, PocketCast and so more.

1 / Theory of the biggest is the smallest and the smallest is the biggest (08:33)

2 / Focus, Attention And Concentration (13:54)

3 / Your Soul In The Wave (15:24)

4 / The Mental Soul Of Eternity (13:46)

5 / The Soul Of Creation (11:54)

6 / The Physical Soul Explained (13:48)

7 / Your Soul: What Is It? (13:10)

8 / A healthy sex life, saves lives (8:48)

9 / Positive Effects Of COVID (09:42)

10 / Energy – The 4 Rulers Of Life (11:44)

11 / Responses To Loss Or Change (Part 2) (18:15)

12 / Responses To Loss Or Change (Part 1 ) (12:55)

13 / The Nature Of Music And Vibration (11:01)

14 / Logical Eating, Why Should We Diet? (17:35)

15 / Sleep Disorders (16:28)

16 / Immune System Part 5 – The Blood (08:35)

17 / Mental Immunity Part 6 (14:09)

18 / Immune System Part 4 – Muscles (08:50)

19 / Immune System Part 3 – The Digestive System (14:00)

20 / Dating During Corona Time (20:20)

21 / Immune System Part 2 – The Lungs (09:31)

22 / Immune System Part 1 (08:12)

23 / Stay Healthy During COVID-19 (26:27)

24 / Fear Is Normal (29:13)

25 / Empathy In Times Of Trouble (14:55)

26 / Arrogance – Is It A Defense Or An Offence? (25:00)

27 / Mood – A Second By Second Change (23:22)

28 / Pride – Little Defined And Borderless (15:07)

29 / Attitude – Your Position To The Outside World (23:53)

30 / Duty – A Force Or Option? (22:53)

31 / Respect – An Everlasting Concept (21:13)

32 / Honor – Its Many Ways And Directions (25:22)

33 / Terms Of Life – The Explanation Of My Lectures (04:30)

34 / Gratitude – Does The World Deserve It? Do You Need It? (31:29)

35 / Intuition – The Sudden Knowledge (23:00)

36 / Sincerity – Often Said, Seldom Applied (12:25)

37 / How Independent Are You? (22:04)

38 / Integrity: Being A Complete Personality (18:50)

39 / Instinct – Uncontrolled And Always There (21:45)

40 / Perseverance – Never Give Up (24:56)

41 / Expectations – The Hurdles To Freedom Of The Mind (32:47)

42 / Trust, Unknown, Unseen But Always Important (19:59)

43 / Reliability – Highroad To The Heart And Soul (22:56)

44 / Rationality – The Art To Keep A Clear Focus (34:27)

45 / Loyalty – How Much Do We Need It? (25:15)

46 / Internal Communication – The Need For Sanity (36:59)

47 / Honesty – A Fading But So Important Part Of Humanity (22:04)

48 / Principles, Do You Have Them? You Need Them! (23:08)

49 / Discipline: The Power Behind Good Living (36:05)

50 / The Bushido Code, the way of the warrior (14:38)

51 / Listeners question; The Happiness Trap (13:37)     

52 / Focus, attention, and concentration (13:53)

53 / Is Religious information true? (13:43)         

54 / Healthy brain, happy brain (14:26)               

55 / Corona United (10:56)

56 / Maya, our life of illusion (14:59)    

57 / Ego explained (19:25)         

58 / Being an outsider (15:49)  

59 / Is Religious information true? (13:43)         

60 / Healthy brain, happy brain (14:26)

61 / Vegetarianism on consumerism (13:49)     

62 / Massage and spirituality (18:26)    

63 / Hate (13:13)            

64 / Meditation, in group or individual? (12:19)             

65 / Reprogramming the mind for self-confidence (9:40)           

Youtube movies:

Muay Thai

instruction VDO 1994


Traditioneel boksen


Events in which I was involved:

Hong Kong titans 1990-1991

Fight Club Den Haag assistent in de organisatie

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