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Do you follow cooking programs? If not, you better start trying to do so. They will help you to consider your personal cooking and situation. Cooking is all about taste and funny enough taste is also something important for your physical and mental condition.

Good taste, you will consider, demands to eat more. But, on the contrary, it keeps you away from taking too much. The random taste makes you long for more. All fast food has general taste levels. They are never delicious. Fast food needs to be tasteful enough to offer food for the masses, not only for you. If you really enjoy fast food, you are just a mass person with no personality. Am I judging too hard on you? Look in the mirror and you know!

Good cooking needs time and preparation. Cooking starts with planning, followed by shopping, storing, preparing to cook, and finally the actual steps to cook. Before you touch the first vegetable for the final cooking, your food went through your hands several times. Each time your mind was busy with the combination of elements, the way of preparing, how to serve it, and where to eat it.

Real cooked food is used on the table, eating together, socializing, and talking. When seated at the table we eat proper amounts as the social pressure of family and friends does not allow us to eat like a pig. Social eating keeps the kilograms away in a normal situation. A normal situation is where parents are careful and health-conscious.

A dessert some times may bring a smile on your face and some pound on your waist

Cook local. The whole world is on display in the stores. We can buy every food from all parts of the world. But our enzymes cannot digest all these exotic foods. These enzymes are created in our first years of life. During this time, our digestive system is trained to digest, select and transport ingredients into the rest of our body. The number of enzymes is limited and not able to convert every kind of food we eat. We can eat “far away from foods” sometimes but must avoid eating them all the time.

Do not kill your food. Food needs to be cooked at a proper time, not too long neither too short. It is important to use the right method to prepare the food. Some food needs to be fried while other need boiling. Using the right method is essential. Time is of the essence as the longer you cook the food the lesser healthy it becomes. If you do it too short, it leads to digestive problems.

Vary in cooking methods. You are not a professional cook and not every meal needs to be served in a restaurant. Use common sense and cook by intuition. Walk around the shop and chose foods that you can imagine being cooked. The imagination of what and how to cook in an intuitive way is a strong guide for healthy thinking and conscious living.  Intuitive cooking saves kilo’s gaining.

Recipes: this website is for all world citizens and I am not able to supply the whole world with cooking advice. I sincerely hope you can understand that I can sit at every table in the world and eat but do not ask me to advise you on something you should know better than I do. Thank you for understanding 😉

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