Yotha Duo is designed to create, fortify, and maintain relationships. Every relationship follows a sequence of events that I have brought into a physical experience. The exercises express an emotion, a feeling, an intention, and expression thereof. Besides the exercises, we have discussions and interactions.

Download here your training sheets; https://yotha.info/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Duo-basic-training-sheets-oud-1.pdf

Yotha Duo is based on a strong pre-designed exercise program at which participants learn to work together in different circumstances and perform exercises based on emotional content forms.

There are 9 different parts in this series.

Greeting – two people perform a series of international greetings in a logical sequence. Both face each other while doing so and greet each other.
Challenge & Defend – after people meet, they explore the other person. These exercises take you to step by step through the process of this exploration.
Powerhouse – after we know the “trigger” and “strong & weak” points we try to find the strength and weaknesses of the other to learn were to support and adjust.
Cooperation – one of the most important parts of every relationship is how we cooperate with each other to create a smooth relationship
Punch & Try – anger and quarrel are possible in every relationship. These exercises are made to help to release this and let it flow away effectively
Balance – it is important to seek and find balance in each other and assist to find it. These exercises are designed to help each other finding the right balances
Trust – these exercise series are made to learn to trust and give yourself over to the other person. Some exercises will challenge this trust to the maximum
Flow – finally we come to the flow of movements where you feel the release of stress and enjoy the company in movement and music. Dancelike movements help to increase the happiness level of the relationship
Intimacy – This is the exercise series where the movements enter the intimate zones of the other and the connection goes from just a relationship into a close and sometimes complete intimate relationship where all is finalized with being a couple. All exercises before this level can be made by people who are just willing to connect or seek a friendly company.

Enclosed dowload PDF show you what to expect during the different levels of training.

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