When the bags are silently waiting for the powers to greet them and sweat will wet them again and again.

Make your own equipment part 1 ; https://youtu.be/ySgF9zKu7aM

Make your own equipment part 2 ; https://youtu.be/bmQCSTeQM7c

Training with home made gear part 3 ; https://youtu.be/tvFpiru2mpw

Japanese senior adult women training with male instructor at boxing gym

Dynamic weight control part 1 ; https://youtu.be/Usbs8vZZgY0

Dynamic Weight Control part 2 ; https://youtu.be/N0ELSLTVbBk

Dynamic Weight Control part 3 ; https://youtu.be/wX8oNCur5zI

Dynamic Weight Control part 4 ; https://youtu.be/pQvJyEeSaus

If beauty and power come together it will effect so many more than just the environment

Boxing training 1 ; https://youtu.be/B0Vpa2Zv6v0

Boxing training 2; https://youtu.be/Z6ZV4d16LfQ

Bag training ; https://youtu.be/gbgz-Gmihec

Dutch method explained ; https://youtu.be/7OaXbFGqms4

In Thailand we train 2 x a day and nothing to stop us

Bag work out ; https://youtu.be/2M-796eVmMo

Bag workout Dutch Style ; https://youtu.be/c7P9zi1hFYM

Muay Thai work out bag ; https://youtu.be/SpxO5JO1xXI

Elbow workout bag ; https://youtu.be/_emYLJOdNTg

Alternative hiting on the bag ; https://youtu.be/IBGht8wFTnY

The bag training is what we wish and go for

Stepping and walking ; https://youtu.be/crzUv9gzspQ

Punches on the bag ; https://youtu.be/crzUv9gzspQ

Upper cut on the bag ; https://youtu.be/eurJUq6deIw

Defense and attack on bag ; https://youtu.be/s7nM-WBJyGI

No difference between male and female as we work out all is about our personal result

Old Box / old school bag work out training (before 2000 !, the first movie of its kind in the world) ; https://youtu.be/NiWvCZUaAyg

Ab training old school; https://youtu.be/zm8pY5e8lHA

In power we drive and we never give up to thrive

Elastic band exercise part 1 ; https://youtu.be/gqgxaNSNPcg Elastic band exercise part 2 ; https://youtu.be/2OF9UhyMvGY

And after all this work out we take a beautiful rest