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picture by Chia Lin Liu

There is a simple saying; “we are what we eat”! Understanding food starts with analyzing the ingredients. All food is built of certain ingredients (building blocks) which combined gives what needed. All these building blocks are presented in a unique order which represents life itself. The composition of ingredients makes the unique specification of a product,

To understand the importance of these building blocks analyzation is needed.

(COMPONENT) macro components do we recognize as food components:

Proteins and amino acids
Vitamins and minerals

Nature has chosen the way of completely “uniqueness”. Every plant, tree, animal, or human has individual features, chemically and consciously. Food from a natural source is always different. The composition of the same products varies by piece, harvest, and place. The composition is unique for all living organisms. This is important while study health processes. A change of harvest or source can make a large difference in the physical reaction of the consumer.

Understanding this draws the logical conclusion that all stats, records, and measuring results are guidelines and not fixed numbers. In biological processes all registered data is not fixed data, it is considered directional data to give an impression of what is going on. Consider DNA, there is no 2 DNA alike.

Food production is time and places dependent. This accounts for manufacturing (growing) and for the consumption of food. Eating at the night is not good for the health. Time seems to be an important factor. Hereby referring to a disputed part of science which is called the “biological clock”. Eating is an important part of the metabolic processes and the time of eating influences the effect. The digestive system shows time depending on patterns that are trained and ruled by external influences. When food is taken at the “wrong “  time, digestion is not complete and leaves more waste to be expelled.

This waste and the effect on the cellular system is an important part of basic cell levels where it has an impact on the functioning of a cell.

(FUNCTION) It is important to know why food is needed. What is the purpose of food?

Energy. Food provides energy to keep warm or cold, fuel all biological processes.
Building. The body needs building blocks for growth and recovery
Protection. Organs need to be sustained in functionality

The process of digestion starts in the mouth, where food is chewed and broken into smaller pieces. Saliva is mixed with the food during chewing, which makes it easier to move around in the mouth. An enzyme called salivary amylase starts to digest carbohydrates like sugar and starches.

Pictuire; Chia Lin Liu