This part is about health advice based on studies, experience, and common sense. Before you look at all this advice I ask you to start looking at your life and history first. Did you live a healthy lifestyle? Did you receive, accept, and follow up on good advice?  

If you did, do not bother reading any of this and continue only with the exercise routines and enjoy doing that.

But if you did not and now consider a change in life first read the following advises.

Use common sense, drastic changes will bring you nowhere. If you want to change, use small steps and progress. Little by little brings more than a big step and back to where you started.
Think cultural and historic. You have a history and brought up in a culture. Both have influenced you to become who you are. Do use them in your advance. Grandmothers had good advice, so look back at them. Take what you still can use.
We may live in a globalized world, but your stomach stays very local. Do not eat whatever the world offers you, that leads often to digestive problems.
Today is today and tomorrow never comes. This implies that if you cheat yourself today you will continue to do so tomorrow and the days that will follow. If you start a change today, live every day as it was today.
Stop believing science. Let me be truly clear, science is trying to give us the right information and works hard to come to the truth, but that truth is evolving. Science is evolving. This implies that what is considered today as a scientific truth can become wrong tomorrow. Accept all science as temporary and changing. Believe in the future of science!
Eat consciously. Study what you eat and how to prepare it. Have fun in preparing the food. Study the way how to cook more than to study the contents. Learn combinations of food which is more important than the individual components. Food is good.