Meditation, concentration, contemplation, NLP, Mindfulness, and so on are all widely available and on display for all budgets and interests. As a specialist on this topic, I have followed many, participated in numerous classes, followed different masters, and learn to know the religions of the world. All are interesting and have a great message to tell.

When space is out there you should look inside and find an even deeper cosmos of eternity and peace

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The messages become confusing when you are able to compare them and put them in a sheet to see what each has to offer. Finally, they all offer the same product to you; comfort for insecurity, a place to reach a certain peace of mind, a life guide that offers a direction, a moral compass to tell you what to do and not to do and finally a reason to fear or not to fear death.

Every form of religion, teaching, or lecturing is led by the scriptures of ancient people in ancient times to give you guidance in a completely different organized and structured time with a vision of good and bad which is no longer really applicable.

Yotha is reaching out for the Inner You which is in the here and now following the development of your body and mind and interacting with others. Interaction is the key to our being. We human beings are part of a growing realization of who we are and how we relate to each other. The borders between people are going down and color, culture, education, or economical background losing their values. We all become one.

To develop the inner you need interaction with others and that is what we try with opening up in meetings and communicating our messages. Human development comes from communication and reflection. The Inner You will built through the community.

Join the interaction and reflection meetings that take place online and in real-life groups. Keep in mind that we are building this community and only with patience, time, and effort we can reach the goals we have set for ourselves and others. Be one of the first to join and grow with us.