communication Internal communication are all processes that you need to function as a person. Let me start with some examples. Most people feel ashamed when standing in the street and talking to themselves. At first, they stop and stand still while thinking about something.  Slowly they start talking to themselves, first softly but finally louder and sometimes others can hear what they say. How often do you do this? Most people do it at home or in secret and hardly dare to admit it. But let me tell you a secret. Everybody does it. 

China and its internal beauty

Honesty ;

We live in a confusing world where honesty is mentioned by all and practiced by some. In general, we can say that honesty becomes unclear. Before we can discover if something or someone is honest, we need to take our time to study the topic, check resources and double-check what has been said. Even the media play a big dark role in this. For now, let us search for what is honesty. Honesty, when we search the dictionaries, can only be described by synonyms and not by a clear statement. This is very interesting as even the dictionaries cannot exactly tell what is the meaning or content of honesty. Did you know that science has no real meaning for honesty? It seems we all should know what is the meaning, the content, and the value by heart without ever getting a definition. We supposed, to be honest, but no one can tell us what it is and how we have to be honest. In all religions, spiritual preaching and other messages it is expected we know how to be honest. More interesting is that honesty is completely based on personal feelings. 

Principles, do you have them? You need them! ;

Principles sound so outdated, old fashioned and no longer of this time. But are they? Do we need principles and what are they? It is important to have a clear definition of what principles are. The official definition is; a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning. It sounds important but is not clear this way. Principles seem to be a fundamental truth. That is correct. But this truth is personal or considered truth by a specific group in society. A principle is a fundamental belief that gives pillars to your walls of life. Your life, love, belief, knowledge, and even science build on it. We accept them as truth, even when they are only our own perception and agreement within the group. Principles are needed as cement inside your personality and society. They are vital to our existence as human beings. 

When freedom is unlimited like the space

Discipline, a need to survive:

Most people have a major problem in life. They suffer a lack of discipline to accomplish their dreams and goals. To reach something in life we need to have a strong mind and sometimes also a strong body. But to have a strong mind or strong body we need to build it. Only very few people in the world are born strong in mind and body. If you are not one of them this lecture is for you.  

Loyalty, how much do we need it? ;

Being loyal and having loyal friends is important in our life, especially when we grow older. But we all face the fact that in this world loyalty is decreasing and it lost important value. This lecture is about how loyalty affects our life and being. Loyalty has two ways to work. The first and most important way is the one inside ourselves. Ask yourself; how loyal am I to myself, to my principles, my self-love, and my health? The second question is to ask who am I loyal too and do they deserve it? Both questions are important to the value of your own life. Our problem is a fading of loyalty in every part of our lives. We are no longer loyal to a gym, a school, a teacher, a friend and sometimes even to our partner or parent. Loyalty seems to be very flexible, outdated, old fashioned and no longer of this time. To some people, loyalty is to be humble and display that in public. Others consider loyalty as being at the service of others. The knowledge of Loyalty is limited by what you know and see. One of the reasons why we are no longer loyal to many things is that we are “well informed”. This is the end of this lecture. If you have questions or remarks please contact me by any means possible. You are always welcome.

Rationality, the art to keep a clear focus;

We are more emotional than rational in our daily life. Most people have a clouded judgment because of their personal emotions. These emotions are fed by experience, bringing up, prejudice, sexual and other desires, expectations, and intelligence. In a try to keep control over our mental processes most of us do effort after effort but often fail to reach that needed control in life. One of the most important factors in Martial arts is a rational mind and a very clear vision on here and now. As a master of Muay Thai, I did learn at an early age (I was 8 years old) that it was a very wise idea to understand the here and now right from the start. 

The past shows the relics of the future

Reliability, highroad to the heart and soul;

How reliable are people? What is the reliability? Reliability is a consistent behavior that produces the same pattern of behavior again and again. This implies that you can expect the same reaction to an action. Reliability is based on the expectation of personal behavior through experience. Everybody has its own stories of people who did let them down or betray them. Thank you for listening to my Podcast and please listen to the others. If you have questions, just contact me by mail or otherwise.

Trust, unknown, unseen but always important;

From childhood on people teach us to trust, to rely on, and to follow what is good. Trusting others is a cornerstone of the family, the friendship and society. Our trust is built on experience and education. If you grow up in a trustworthy environment you are able to have a more stable life and love, you are more emphatic and be able to love more sincere and deeper. But what is trust? Trust is an unwritten rule starting from the moment you are born. At the moment you see the first light, trust starts its role in our life. You can contact me at

When ever there is a space it will grow

Expectations, the hurdles to freedom of the mind;

We expect a lot in life, from ourselves and of others. Expectations are very important to who we want to be and our vision of others. Expectations are often directly related to the Buddhist ways of thinking about suffering. The Buddha did relate to having expectations of desire and greed. In some ways that are true but in other ways having expectations are neither related to both. Let us have a closer look at what we think of expectations in general. Our first idea is that we expect to live, grow, and die. We also expect to be loved, have relationships, get an education, work, grow older, having children, and have good and bad moments in our lives. For more text contact me at


Perseverance, never give up;

How often do you have the feeling to give up? Stop doing what you do and let it all go? It is a feeling we all have someday. Life does not come as an easy package. It is a struggle to survive and reach a target, no matter what goals we have. How often did you hear to keep up your mood, never give up or show some guts? There are many people in the world who have no idea what perseverance is or how to develop it. In this short lecture, I give you some important ideas. 

Instinct, uncontrolled, and always there

Some people call the instinct the automatic pilots of our mind. To understand it better we should start with a definition first. The definition of instinct is genetically hard-wired behaviors that enhance our ability to cope with vital sudden environmental changes.  Other instincts, including denial, revenge, tribal loyalty, greed, and our urge to multiply yourself (or easier said, the urge to have sex). It is important to realize that it is uncontrolled by your consciousness. 

Integrity, being a complete personality;

Let we start to explain the origin of this word first. Integrity comes from Latin and is meaning complete, intact. It refers to a holistic principle of our total being. A state of who and how we should be. To be of integrity implies that you are who you are and in more easy words; what you see is what you get. A clean and clear personality. 

Pyramids are not just for Egypt

Sincerity, the real deal;

How often did you read a letter signed with, sincerely yours? Or how often did you hear that is a sincere person? Both are common in our language. The use of the word sincere is so common that people hardly ever ask for the meaning of it anymore. It has become a word that lost its power in the opposite meaning. Sincerity is drawn in insincerity. To restore the meaning and the value we should first understand the power and quality of the meaning and begin to use it for ourselves. 

Intuition, the sudden knowledge;

The word intuition comes from the Latin verb intueri translated as “consider” or from the late middle English word intuit, “to contemplate”. Intuition is based on knowledge. If a person suddenly gets knowledge that is much higher than the personal intelligence or knowledge level it better be called a “vision”. In our brains, we collect all kinds of information randomly. All this information is stored and often we do not categorize it. Our brain stores information in many places and in many ways. In other lectures, I mentioned that our brain is constantly busy. 24 hours a day. There is no stop to it. 

Gratitude, does the world deserve it? Or do you need it? ;

Gratitude, the world rings a bell with every person. What do you feel when you hear the word? Instantly you know the meaning but do you really understand the word and the meaning it has in our life? Let us first look at the word. Gratitude comes from the Latin word grātus, meaning pleasing, acceptable, agreeable, welcome, dear, beloved, grateful, thankful.  The definition of gratitude is a feeling of being thankful and appreciative, Gratitude is the act of feeling and communicating appreciation for the people, circumstances, and material possessions in our lives.

Honor, it has many ways and directions;

Honor is based on something solid in the past. During the middle ages, the term “honor” did refer to the estate of a person or Nobel and did concern all of its property. The saying “on my honor” was used when the person did put all its estate as a guarantee for a deal or agreement. Slowly the term changed in value to become equal to a person’s reputation. In most countries, during the middle ages, there was no such thing as police to uphold the law. A person’s reputation or honor was the guarantee that a deal will come true and settled in good order. Here also did start a division of people with and without honor.

The feeling of peace surrounds you when walking or drinking tea in the right place ans the right time with the right people.
Photographer; Chia Lin Liu

Respect, an everlasting concept;

Respect is a way of treating or thinking about something or someone. We respect for a reason. The reason is that it is a teacher, someone with knowledge you would like to learn from, a parent who you love and have a proper behavior, elderly people or any other reason.  But we also respect objects like buildings because they have a history, paintings which are beautiful and unique, different music and musicians. It goes on and on if you have the inner gratitude to be able to offer respect. 

Duty, a force, or an option? ;

What is the meaning of duties and responsibilities? Duty is a moral commitment to something or someone, whereas responsibility is a condition of being responsible. What is an example of duty? The definition of duty is something that is required by one’s religion, job, position, or laws. An example of duty is the act of students completing homework assignments.

Attitude, your position to the outside world? ;

Every individual has an attitude towards people and things in life. This attitude is a behavioral expression of liking or disliking expressed in body language, speech, or action. An attitude is created by the observation of how others behave. Children start to have an attitude at around the age of one-year-old. The did learn how to behave by the observation of actions and reactions of the parents and siblings. Attitude consists of the conscious and unconscious component which both are charged from the beginning.

Meditation, in group or individual?

When the Buddha started his search for the truth he went on a lonely path to seek the inner self and the immortal reality. His search went from moderate to extreme and finally back to ordinary life. He ended his life by sitting under his Banyan tree and teaching others the lessons he did learn. Analyzing the path of truth shows that unite effort is shared effort and together we reach more than alone. When do you participate? 

Reprogramming the mind for self-confidence;

You do not feel strong and confident in whatever you do? You think people do not like you, people consider you ugly or even stupid? Where ever you go the feeling of this insecurity plays an important role in your appearance and takes away the opportunities you should have? Then let us start to change that.

Vegetarism on consumerism –

Buddhists are vegetarians. This story still goes around the world. It is not true. Buddhists, even the monks, are allowed to eat meat. Food has an important function in our life, it affects our body and mind all the time. When we look at the neurobiological side of the digestive system we find that science slowly gets convinced that it has a “mind of its own” In other words, science slowly starts to accept that the digestive system has some kind of brain function in the body. Follow where it can lead you to….. WhatsApp to reach me 31628096907

Massage and spirituality –

Thai massage called Nuad Boran is a combination of massage, pressure point, stretching, energy treatment, herbal medicine, and medical knowledge. Massage brings a flow of energy on the move in the body and when applied well you can reach a real increase in positive energy. For any interested person, it has besides the function of controlling energy levels also a way to learn more of your own body. Follow where it can lead you to….. WhatsApp to reach me 31628096907

Hate –

Hate is one of the strongest emotions of mankind. To most people, hate is a negative emotion that is senseless and we must be freed of it. But is this true? Hate is not only a mental emotion it has direct physical consequences. Our bodies respond to hate as much as it does to love. Follow where it can lead you to….. WhatsApp to reach me 31628096907

Maya, our life of illusion

– Maya means illusion. Your perception of the world is based on illusion. But how does it work and why is it like that? Everything we perceive is based on personal dependent observation. Knowing this fact we realize that nothing is one hundred percent certain and factual and everything is only temporary. Are we the only creatures in the universe with a conscious of this illusion?

Ego explained –

href=”″ target=”_blank”> Ego is the melting of characteristics, experience, knowledge, environment, thoughts of every kind, and other factors that are directly related to the mental state of development of an individual. The real Ego is the representative of that individual during its life, the extrovert expression factor. Do you wish to know more? Listen here!

Being an outsider

Are you an outsider? Or do you have the feeling of being one? This podcast will give you a new vision of what it is to be an outsider and that you are special. Listen and learn that your way is the highway and not the B-road like others take. 

Healthy brain, happy brain

How do you keep your brain healthy even when your body is not? The relation between your body and your mind is an unbreakable connection but keeping both in a good condition does require a different approach. The first and best way to keep both in a good condition is to exercise and be active. This podcast gives you an impression of how. Whatsapp for reactions;+31628096907

The Bushido Code, the way of the warrior

Nitobe Inazo wrote the book; Bushido, the soul of Japan to advertise the code to the world and show the strength of Japanese philosophy. The book is based on the living code of the Samurai warriors. The Samurai did become a legend for a reason. What is this secret code and can you share it? 

Focus, attention, and concentration

Three forms of mental powers are needed to survive in today’s world. What are the differences and how can you control them? Are there guidelines and explanations for you to understand it easier and faster? This podcast will give you new ideas and insights. 

Energy, the 4 rulers of life. How life really exist?

Our life is ruled by energy in every way. Let us take a look at what are the different energy levels and what do they do. There are 4 ruling levels of which 2 are still unknown. Let me take you into a journey of innovative philosophy of life energy. Open your mind for new thoughts and visions. Participate and see that life has only and end that is still open

A healthy sex life saves lives

One of the first things that go on hold during a crisis is your sex life. Stress is not good for your potency. Isolation, on the other hand, can create an opposite effect. This all depends on the age and health of the people living together. Most couples consider the unique chance as an opportunity to have sex as often as possible. Some hardly leave the bed in the first few days, do you recognize it? 

The nature of music and vibration

“The energy of the heart, right down to our DNA is musical and rhythmic in nature. Geneticist, Susumu Ohno at the Beckman Research Institute has translated the 4 nucleotides on the strands of DNA. When performed, listeners compared it to Bach, Brahms, and Chopin. There is something called the Sacred Sound Current which correlates to the spiritual Hindu “OM” and the Sufi “HU”. This Music of the Spheres, Logos, or Word as called in mystical teachings, goes beyond our limited spoken language. 

Logical eating, why to diet?

My original profession is Biochemistry. After I finished my study in 1981 the developments have been extremely fast. Science has never been more exciting than now. There are numerous developments in food and food-related products. The content of natural food hardly did change in the last few hundred years. But surprisingly one after the other book on dieting, slimming, health treatment and other books related to food have been published. Year after year people invent new diets for all kinds of reasons. 

Sleep disorders

Wondering how many people in the world have sleep problems? It is a shocking number of between 20 – 30% of all working adults who have more or less serious problems with sleeping. In some countries, it is even higher. But knowing the cause does not give us a real direction of how to solve these problems right? Let us look at some of the starters of our problems and then move to solutions. 

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