This page shows a series of movies with specific exercises related to a physical problem. Most of it is shown in still pictures and the actual movement can be found back in the moving part. Try each exercise carefully and slow. Increase the amount and power when you feel like doing so. Pain is always a stop mark. Do not push over it. Pain is a red sign of your body that cannot be ignored. If pain occurs, you should visit a professional. All exercises can be done by males and females. If you wish to be sure your performance is alright, send me a movie and I will look at it and get back to you with comments or advice.

Your back is most important and probably also one of the biggest problems. Enclosed I show some stills of movements to do for a stronger, more flexible, and less painful back. The actual movements can be found in the “move” part of this site. My advice is to practice slowly with few repetitions and a short holding time. Over time you increase repetitions and power holds. Never cross a pain level. 

Back problems revolvers

The hips are often forgotten until we get a problem. Most problems come from less functioning urine disposal, pain in the joints, less flexible hips and fragility of the bone structures, less blood in testicles for the male relating to malfunctioning of the erection, female have a lesser function in energy and blood circulation which shows in few or no orgasms during sexual activities, dangers of breaking at an older age and so many more good reasons to improve your hip skills. Do this training on a regular basis for a happier life.

Hip flexibility techniques

Shoulders are a serious issue with nearly every individual on earth. Few exceptions to that. There are many exercises to keep good shoulder flexibility and strength. Due to the fragile structure of the shoulders and the frequent use of it, they often do not get enough space and time to rest. These exercises are made to make you conscious of the range of movement of your shoulders and what you can do to avoid or cure injuries. A moving part of these still is found in the exercise movies on the “move” page of this site.

Shoulder revalidation techniques

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Shoulder revalidation is needed for many people. Most visit a doctor or physiotherapist and get medication, massage, or other not effective treatment. As a fighter and therapist, I treated thousands of people suffering from these problems. The first and main target is to keep the shoulder in motion and flexibility as maximum as possible. These exercises show some basic moves for you to practice at home or in the gym. ;

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