Being single in a relationship oriented society

Being single is increasing and at the same time, it has become a more sensitive topic. Some Governments target singles as being wrong to be who they are and promote marriage as the best available option in life. But is this right?

Being single is an option to many but a pain to some. What ever it is you are blessed with the virtue to explore more of life than just the nature alone

Singles are singles for a reason. Often it is not a fixed choice but something that happened, not desired nor wanted. There was nobody on their road to feeling a serious attachment with.

Happy Single as a blackmarket publication in China

Other singles are actually “singled out” because of society. People who divorce, especially females, get a stigma as being difficult or a problem seeker. The behavior of the former partner or the family in-laws has never been questioned. This is even stronger for single parents.

Most singles experience the microaggression of the environment in different circumstances. They are left out of conversations under the idea “what do you know of marriage life” even you have been divorced before. Or receiving only invitations for silly parties instead of the formal official gala’s because you do not have a partner to accompany you.

These micro-aggressive attitudes toward you all the time starts to bite into your health situation. You need ways to relieve yourself of these stress factors. That is why Yotha considers it an important issue in the movement to single-in the single-out people and power the soul.

Every single has roots in life.

What do we do? Arnaud van der Veere is writing about this topic since the ’90s and published the book “Happy Single “in China where female singles are considered a form of an outcast. Society does not consider them complete personalities.

But the future is more singles and a segregated society where people will live alone more often for many personal reasons. But being single implies you also want a social backup of friends and other people to support you in times of need. Therefore we ask you to join in Yotha movement and be who you are, accepted, and happy to be part of a single-friends relationship interaction of the Yotha community.

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This book is about the way people behave to each other and the way they express