Tariff of the Personal Guide (PG)

Intake€ 65
Session€ 125
Series of 10 sessions€ 999

Payment gives you the right to get all what is agreed upon in the written statement per session. Each session has a topic, goal, and target time. Of each session there is a recording and evaluation.

Online advises and VCR (Visual Control Response) tariff

Online advises per email / Whatsapp / Messenger / Wechat or other chosen channelsSessions are paid by prepayment 5 sessions € 90
VCR and response through a chosen channel of preferencePer session € 59,75

In agreement with the customer, the PG can request the assistance of a specialist for medical complaints, specific health / (dis) ability / physical problems. This request is not covered by the tariff of the PG.

Every session has a time schedule between 1 and 2 hours. A session is only finished when a set target has been reached.

It is possible to rent your Personal guide for a longer period of the day or week.

Morning session from 8 AM – 12 AM or at an earlier hour€ 250
Afternoon session from 1 PM – 5 PM or 2 PM till 6 PM€ 350
Evening session from 7 PM – 11 PM€ 450
Night session (only in group)On application only

Costs not stated if applicable:

Travel and accommodation
Guide and accompaniment activities at home and abroad
Purchase specialized equipment
Meals and specialized food
Injury or supporting products
Health & Food supplements if advised
Physical treatments such as massage, electro, sauna, or others
Call in a specialist for specific needs
Sauna or another form of wellness treatment

These costs are not included the tariff of the PG and will be separately charged.