The mode of conmtrol shows that you have only limited possibilities but with those you can make a start of changing the world and yourself

We all seek a feeling of control. But what are we able to control?

In the cycle of control, you can read what we can control.

On top is our physical control, we can exercise our body. That is something we have under control.

Every exercise influences all the other systems under our control and influences the things outside the core circle. Your physic speaks louder than words ever do.

Observation is a tool we all use. We look around, touch, smell, hear, taste, and finally feel. All in less than a second. After this, we decide on action.

When working with your body that strong feeling of the emotional connection of body and mind comes around and grows your possibilities and creates opportunities. That is not dependent on age but attitude and perseveration.

You can take control of your life by taking charge of your body first.

Come on move with me and let your body speak, let me hear you talking.

We connect with a goal to interact. Your action is the start of a new way of life. This is a step for a better direction, more alive, improved health and happiness, and a warm social network. Improvement starts here, free of charge with yourself as an investment. Start here and now