Energy = Yotha and Yotha creates energy
As a participant, you are stimulated to configure your own routines and practice these as often as you can. But there is more. Some people reach an advanced level and wish to contribute to the classes. The founder of Yotha wants you to get the honor of naming your contribution to you. Each new contribution will be published on the Yotha wall of fame and gets your name so all participants can use your name as a reference to that specific move.
Yotha can be performed alone and in classes. It is possible to use music or practice in complete silence. Yotha can be used indoors and outdoors without restrictions. It is possible to perform Yotha in small places.
Yotha has removed the headstands from the series of exercises. The reason is that performance of headstands can be dangerous and due to blood circulation, it is possible that people get dizzy or otherwise physically disturbed.
Yotha is practical and can be used as a physical and mental foundation for other training programs such as self-defense or other athletic performances.
Yotha has no time limit to practice. It is possible to do it 10 minutes a day or longer than an hour. Due to the easy combining of different elements, it is possible to make it a personal program.
Where the sky meets the earth and the rocks show an opening to the sky there is freedom and a way to rock with life itself endlessly / Photographer; 李曉婷(Anya)

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