Meetings, seminars, camps, traveling, retreat, consults and more

It is our target to have at least one offline meeting per calendar year where all people (teachers and other interested) are invited to join the lessons and subsidiary programs.
Each meeting can be organized after an official agreement with the head office in the Netherlands.

Did we do this already in the past? Yes! For example:

Come together and combine knowledge and exercise for our best work
Beach events with training, meditation, and barbeque
Wild forest camping with mixed family and night exercises
Mountain walking, breathing, and exercise
Flash meetings, people got app invitation, train together and go
Weekend camps, 3 days of close encounter with various programming

When will you join us? Or do you want to organize yourself? We help!

Feel the energy of socializing and groups spirits

We connect with a goal to interact. Your action is a start of a new way of life. This is a step for a better direction, more alive, improved health and happiness, and a warm social network. Improvement starts here, free of charge with yourself as an investment. Start here and now