When do you start you donate for the good cause of Yotha?

Yotha is a movement and has no commercial goal. We ask for donations for the maintenance of the website, the costs of server space, activities are done by commercial companies in relation to this maintenance, and other unspecified costs made to maintain, improve and grow the community.

Contact directly by email; initiator@yotha.info or use Mob (Whatsapp ONLY) ; +31628096907 in the Netherlands or just pass by at Spui 214e, 2511BX The Hague

Yotha is a foundation according to Dutch law and is allowed to accept donations to be used for NOT commercial projects and activities.

All you give is appreciated

Yotha is a movement, not a company. It is yours and us. Yotha is WE, altogether we make it happen, grow, and develop.

Neem contact met ons op. Start hier met een verandering van Lifestyle. Je doel is interactie, verbetering of bestendiging van gezondheid, plezier en geluk en een warm sociaal netwerk. Investeer in jezelf en deel je wensen en kennis. Begin hier en nu stuur een mail naar initiator@yotha.info

We connect with a goal to interact. Your action is the start of a new way of life. This is a step for a better direction, more alive, improved health and happiness, and a warm social network. Improvement starts here, free of charge with yourself as an investment. Start here and now initiator@yotha.info