The Initiator of Yotha is Arnaud van der Veere. His records can be found all over the internet.

According to the Sanskrit teachings, he is a Pandit Acharya = a teacher who leads you to the right way of life and learns the right skills to do it. The double name (both meaning teacher) is referring to his high abilities in both ways.

A professional record of Arnaud van der Veere can be found here

We are a Dutch innovation

Yotha is created with over 55 years of experience in sport, 30+ years of research in Age Control and healthcare development. Enough to be reliable. Thoroughly tested exercises, proven experience, and facts of life.

Searching the internet for like-minded people I came across thousands of active young beautiful skilled people considering themselves trainers, coaches, and gurus. With less than 40 years of life experience, they became masters with unlimited knowledge.


Amazing. While acting in the top level of my sport, lecturing at Universities worldwide in science topics, publishing many books and articles in over 65 countries in different languages, traveling the world intensively under all kind of situations, and growing a family and business at the same time, I am still feeling the need to develop, study and improve.

I believe in the strength of people, their abilities, possibilities, their mental and physical flexibility to work, train and live together. We learn from each other. That is why I took this initiative. Yotha is here to unite and develop, stimulate you in every way and most of all bring us together.  


After reviewing hundreds of movies, sites, and info materials I decided it was time for a new sport.

A sport that was fun, interesting, combining past and future, something we can do when and wherever we wish to do it. It was time for Yotha!

Your body=your temple

With the experience and knowledge of over 55+ years of exercises, more or less serious health problems, hardship in training, and personal life, a freight load of injuries in different parts of my body I found a way to combine all this in a method of exercise that is available to all.

Training is directed to a certain goal and exercise seems to have no goal. As a former active and competitive athlete, I needed goals and targets to go for. Just training for training is not in my nature. Motivation is an important part of the exercise.

Exercises must have a challenge. The challenge is found in the combining of different routines with a different target group, goal, and philosophy. My challenge is to make you challenge yourself and while doing so to feel better, happier, and more healthy.

Shenzhen, China

My thought is to combine different routines. Martial arts are based on fighting and defending, yoga is more routed in flexibility and fitness has different posing routines. The core part of Yotha is exercising without any equipment and enjoy doing it.

Book; Girl Power

In the 80’s I was working as a free-lance journalist for the magazine Samurai in the Netherlands. While traveling the world I was searching for the routes of fighting arts. One day in India (Kerala) I did discover Kalaripayattu which seemed to be the real ancestor and root of all martial arts.

The origin of Kalaripayattu is the Ramayana one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the other being the Mahābhārata. Along with the Mahābhārata, it forms the Hindu Itihasa. The epic, traditionally ascribed to the Maharishi Valmiki, narrates the life of Rama, the legendary prince of the Kosala Kingdom.

Arnaud van der Veere

These stories are about the battles of Gods and earth and expose men and women in all aspects of life, where fighting, loving, accepting and conflicts are an endless stream of emotional, physical, and spiritual journeys to who we are and what we want.

These concepts can be found in both the Martial Arts and the Yoga but envisioned in a completely different way.

With Yotha I go back to the origin of history and embody the arts of mankind into one exercise method to bring back the spirits of the past to give them a vision of the future.

Yotha stands for change, improvement and active living, a lifestyle.

Statistics of age to show our target group

My vision is to make Yotha a growing movement activity that leads to the integration of differences into one system with an open mind, a never-ending stream of developments, and available to all ages and physical abilities.

Many of my ideas are recorded and available on the internet and free for you to listen to or see and share with all.

Yotha gives a big welcome to every person willing to feel mentally and physically free, strong, independent, and open to the world.

Be a visionary and join me in the development of something greater than we are, join me in the development of yourself and Yotha.

Experience did teach me to look inside you and not to the cover of your body

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