The Yotha archer is well known
All exercises should be practiced left and right and no priority must be given to any side of the body where that is possible.
The combination of exercises is based on the harmony of body and mind. One who practices should focus on the exercises while busy doing it. Focus the mind on what you do and only on that.
Yotha uses strength and flexibility exercises but in all elements, we combine both elements in a different way. Keep in mind to be in control of the movements by using both elements in a conscious way.
Yotha is a continuous movement program which implies that we do not hold statue-like positions for a long period of time. Each element must be performed well, hold for a short period, and then continued to the next movement.
Each person should use its own speed, holding time and intensity to suit your situation, health level, flexibility, and age. Keep in mind nothing is wrong but everything can be improved.
The mind of Yotha is one of the silent warriors who move with live, combats situations and survives. This implies that your personal intensity can vary with the exercise, the moment, and the day. Seek your boundaries, push them but never cross them to hurt yourself.
Breathing training is separated from the movement training and should be followed by all participants to have a maximum result of the movements.
Yotha avoids extremes. People seeking extremes often suffer from more or less serious injuries and health problems later on in life and we decided to avoid that for the sake of health itself.
Yotha offers a lifestyle opportunity for people who are interested. If you would like more guidance on health, food, dieting, supplementation, medication or other topics of health interest feel free to leave your notes, send emails or contact us directly by Whatsapp, Wechat, or Line.
Yotha Community, the people who exercise Yotha actively and wish to share their passion with other like-minded people, join the community, and become a valued member.
Forever your spirit will be there and go with Yotha anywhere

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