Roll over and back is a yotha move

Yotha is an openminded, flexible, and adaptive way of training. It is developing. You can help it to develop in a unique way. Your contributions are very valuable and may be used by everyone. Become a contributor and enjoy immortal fame.

How can you become a contributor and what is unique to it? Read on!

Couple training for connection
EXERCISE series contribution follow these guidelines –
Every contribution (called a series) must contain 9 different moves.
3 standing moves
3 belly down moves
3 back down moves
The music should be classical and appropriate
When you have the series of 9 exercises ready to contribute to the “headquarter” they are judged on quality and applicability by teachers, other contributors, and people who use it. The group decides what is acceptable.
When your series is accepted it is placed on the official site of Yotha and CARRY YOUR NAME or the name you give it. This implies that you, as a contributor, will be remembered and mentioned every time your series it taught or trained and you become immortal in Yotha as an official contributor.

Lifestyle – Yotha is learning, developing, and has a historical backup. What we like, appreciate, and encourage is your contribution to ideas, stories, remedies, and historical facts.

Yotha should become a one-stop-shop site for global lifestyle advice and ideas where every contribution is valued for its energy.

Part of the Yotha DUO training is a good workout of energy between partners
Haagse Directe training, Newtonstraat , Den Haag

Organizers/teachers/gyms and other places – we are looking for all places to let people learn the blessings of Yotha and your personal contribution to it. When you value Yotha for its true nature, open your heart, gym, or place to practice with others in harmony and joy.

To organizers of events, I would like to say invite us and let us share the knowledge built in years. Share the pleasure of exercising and spread a positive healthy lifestyle that is a benefit to all.

Cooperation, interaction and happiness is a DUO project of Yotha

My message to media- read the site carefully and if you have any questions do contact us, we are active in every way and are willing to help and assist you where ever we can.

Neem contact met ons op. Start hier met een verandering van Lifestyle. Je doel is interactie, verbetering of bestendiging van gezondheid, plezier en geluk en een warm sociaal netwerk. Investeer in jezelf en deel je wensen en kennis. Begin hier en nu stuur een mail naar

We connect with a goal to interact. Your action is the start of a new way of life. This is a step for a better direction, more alive, improved health and happiness, and a warm social network. Improvement starts here, free of charge with yourself as an investment. Start here and now