Being a teacher

Are YOU that teacher willing and able to come forward and be a part of Yotha?

Yotha exercises have a meaning, a story behind every move. Each exercise is chosen for and with a reason. The story of every movement is important for a teacher to know and tell the students. Training should be joy and emotional. Good training has mental and physical stimulating effects. The interaction between students and teachers and students between each other is the goal of Yotha. We are a community of like-minded healthy people open to all who care for life, love, and living. Like you!

We grow in sincerity and respect in Yotha

Teachers should be mature in mind and physic. A sample for the students. Being a teacher is an honor, a guide to follow, and a sample of lifestyle.

The stories of the movements are taught in an old-fashioned way, from teacher to student sitting face-to-face. Traditions, body language, thoughts, and visions are transferred in personal interaction. Question and answer instantly. Every story has content that can be interpreted on a personal level. Teaching is not a mass movement, a fixed program that I tell, and you follow as a dictatorial master. My vision is that the teacher adds their own values, thoughts, culture, and other elements to the total. Yotha is evolving, never stopping the wave of energy that every teacher contributes.

Teachers should meet and share, not judge but assist, discuss, and shape what we do, what we want, and what we need. Being a teacher is a qualification with a high value and an honor.

Will you be able to hang your certificate on the wall soon?
Teaching in Yotha is allowed for certified trainers only.
Certification training can be followed which includes personal training sessions, online theoretical and practical lessons, review of delivered training sessions, examination and 2 personal advise talks in a personal setting, or online in video talks. Also included is the certificate and mailing to a private address, registration in the official website, and database as a registered trainer.
All certifications are valid for the period of one year and can be extended by following new offline and/or online seminars. These seminars are free for certified trainers. Attending offline seminars are advised and the cost is for accommodation, location, and food.
Promoting from Teacher to Master is possible by adding more than 7 figures to the Yotha basic moves. The moves should be recognized by a minimum of 10 teachers before they are officially included and open to all participants.
Each teacher should add at least one free lesson for the community every year.
Certificates are issued by the head office in the Netherlands.
From teacher to Master is a big step. A step for you to take?


The teacher can become a master and allowed to carry this title only under the following circumstances.

A master should have proven, verified experience. This experience should be recorded in text, movies, and sound. I consider experience
Articles written by or written about topics of mental, physical, and social development
Display of the ability to perform all exercises on a current and past level.
A connecting personality
A developer and contributor
The master title is given by at least ten different teachers who personally recommend the person for the master title.
It takes hard work to master it.

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