Arnaud van der Veere

Here you see the series of moves that we apply during an exercise session. Apply what you want, when you wish, and how you consider it to be right for you.

Just for your information. I did past the 60 barriers already. Many of these exercises were completely new to me and I had to learn them in a couple of weeks. It was a nice challenge in a difficult time for the world (COVID-19 period). But I could sit back or invent something interesting. The result is here.

Copy what I do, maybe do it better, and share with me (us). Get in touch and become one of the many workings on their healthy body and mind. Send me your results.

Yotha exercises can be practised randomly

First warm up exercises. Keep it easy. Wake up the body and take control.

The second part. Continue with a warmup or make it your way.

Yotha has no specific order in how and when to do the exercises

Yotha is freedom of movement and space for the soul to minimize stress, make you relaxed, and put tension on the muscles. Act and interact and always with a smile.

Hip flexing looks very tempting but is a series of exercises used in different physiotherapy practice. It is important for bladder training, keeps the blood flow running well for the prostate and uterus, and improves the bone structures of the hips. Do this on a near-daily basis and you will feel the difference.

Yotha suggest you to do it every day at least 30 minutes

Core exercises are those that makes Yotha different from other styles and exercise routines. We show you the exercise and you can copy it. So far, all the same. But you should start to try it only 3-5 times and not the usual recommended 8-10 x or even more. Start slow and find your fun. Create pleasure but variation, pick and paste the routines when and where you wish. No specific order needed, and you do not need to follow all.  Do what you like when you like and how you like it. Most of all have fun doing it.

Start to repeat Yotha exercises first 5 times

Core exercises have a range of moves which all have a specific goal and function for people over 40. Each exercise is selected is practical, not difficult to perform and not gender related. Try each of these and find your own favorites.

Some core exercises need guidance. If you are a person in need to be guided, contact me and I will help or send you to a qualified instructor.

Be like the sea and move with your body the Yotha way

The combinations are endless, and these interesting moves come from Thailand. You can find all in Muay Thai, the Martial Arts, and in Thai Dance. These moves may require some more practice of you, but they also are useful for balance, self-defense, and power. Feel the healing and motivational effects while performing.

Be in the Yotha spirit and feel power returning and growing

Core 4 offers other exercises to be combined. Balance, artistic value, and beauty of movement are combined in a challenging series of moves for all. If you can send me your version of the moves and show me what you are up to. If you like we also wish to post it on the website and other places. (only with your permission). To be a community we act as a community and value your training as much as we do ours.

Nothing can stop you anymore when you take the Yotha way

Core stability is reached by different exercises on a standing and ground level. Each has specific features and demand a personal approach. Follow the guidelines of the next chapters and you feel the difference in your body after several times training. Feel that body moving, and you will be happy. Even sometimes with a little muscle sore.

No bridge to far or mountain to high. With Yotha you clear it all

Groundwork has many variations of the exercise. Here I demonstrate to you some interesting balance and power exercises. Unlike Yoga, we hold the positions short, but you are allowed to increase duration time, speed, and powers used. From my background in Martial Arts, I like explosive powers. Short and powerful Others can relax while keeping a steady pace with long holds. That is all that you like.

Yotha kicks away the problems of aging and energize your body

 Yoga has some explicit exercises that are now considered by fitness users as their own. These exercises are originally from yoga and adjusted to fit in our programs. But we still must pay honor to the art that made it possible to increase our physic, balance, and concentration.

strech and fly as there is no limit in Yotha

Belly exercises are important for core training. Here I show you several simple but effective core exercises you can perform daily to create stronger tonus, and some will even see the results in the mirror.

Yotha is a training for core and other parts

Besides the traditional belly crunches, I like to introduce some alternative which also trains balance and side stability. These exercises combine different muscle groups and neurological control mechanisms.

With Yotha you feel the difference of movement and body in a very short time

Power raises are exercises with the back down to the ground and often follow up the belly training. These exercises are needed to bring balance between the back and front parts of the body. Besides powering up both sides we train balance and endurance.

Kick the sky and aim for high, that is what we do in Yotha

Father and daughter at work
Power shoots when father shows
Punching all the way makes a record stay
Never give up in front of your children
And she shows her amazing work
The father thanks the children for the blessing to be here on earth