The first thing we should do is to look what we eat now? After that question ourselves with;

How is my level of energy? How do I feel when I wake up in the morning?
What is my physical shape? Am I overweight? Am I underweight? How do I feel about my body appearance?
Do I want to change or does my environment want me to change?
Do I like cooking, or do I prefer fast foods?

These simple questions are extremely complicated to answer as the answer is not a part of your food but of your food problem. Food has no problem with you, but you may have a problem with your food.

The body muscular system explained

Let me show you an ideal situation in which you can find all answers to these questions.

When you wake up in the morning you should have enough energy to face the day. The energy level is good to make a start and to lead you through the new day without feeling tired, fatigue, or restless. When entering the evening there must be enough energy to participate in activities and have the ability to enjoy the evening. Finally, when entering the bed, you should not feel overly fatigued and tired from the day.

About your shape. Look in the mirror and your passport. The passport is needed to confirm your age with the figure in the mirror. Let me sketch you a list of length and weight that is healthy.


HeightAgeWeight/KGBody Building/KG
16020-3060-70 kg70-80
16030-4065 – 75 kg70-80
16040-5070-78 kg80+
16050+75 – 80 kg70-75
17020-3070-80 kg80-90
17030-4075 – 85 kg80-90
17040-5085 – 90 kg85+
17050+85 max85
18020-3080- 90 kg90-100
18030-4085 – 95 kgAround 110 – 120
18040-50Around 90Lower than 110
18050+Around 90 or lowerLower than 100
19020-30100 – 110 kg110 – 120
19030-40110 – 120 kgAround 120
19040-50Around 110 maxAround 115
19050+Try lower than 110Try max 110
20020-30110 – 120 kg120 – 140
20030-40Around 120130 – 140
20040-50120 -130Minus 130
20050+120 maxMinus 120
What type of body do you have


16020-3050 – 60
16030-4055 – 65
16040-5060 -70
16050+65 – 75
17020-3055 – 70
17030-4060 – 70
17040-5065 – 75
17050+75 +
18020-3055 – 70
18030-4060 -75
18040-5065 – 75

Remark 1 – weight is also a cultural measurement and people from Asian countries will have a different weight scale as for South Americans or Africa. Beauty depends on the cultural wishes and weight can become, especially when located at certain places – an attractive element.

Body shaping is a cultural and age-related topic. Younger people have a stronger body awareness as to when people getting older. When younger the focus is on the need for relationships, multiplication, family creation, and sexual attractivity.

Over 40 the need for a sexually attractive appearance seemed to be lower but this is not the reality. Most people are no longer able to reach a sexual attractive appearance and are willing – or needed – to minimize demand and accept a different quality of physic. There is a simple consideration behind that; if you are not willing to put your own effort into looking good, you cannot expect the other party to give beauty for free.

After 35 the body of most people stores fatter and it is harder to get rid of it. The reasons are a change of hormones, a consolidation of the environment (less active), stabilization of partnerships (getting children), and many other factors that involve your physical chemistry and mental activity.

At the end of the road we all get a place and hope to be seen and respected even when physically not around anymore

Male and female taste and preferences become often more different as for the female side there is a focus on stabilization, the future progress of living situation, improve all kind of knowledge and family have a priority. This can have a difference with the male who chose for friends, personal interests, experience, and career. Not every male makes this choice.

All this is related to food and food situations. Food is a social connector and the reason why people come together and share. We eat and drink to enjoy and fill the stomach, but it is a fact that most use more than actually needed. This has a physical and mental effect.

Finally, we ask the question; are you satisfied with the body you have?